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hi im alaina

i like sports, especially hockey.

cis and bi, she/her pronouns

i was aubreygram


1. don’t show confidence or you’re a cocky arrogant asshole who needs to learn his place
2. when you beat a team, be prepared for said team’s fans to throw racial slurs at you at every turn
3. you’ll be stereotyped- deal with it.
4. don’t be too enthusiastic, it just says you’re full of…

kenway yeah that sounds perfect for my fic

what do u even do with your hands when you kiss someone honestly


Seguin & Lehtonen goofing around.


People will try to defend the biggest pieces of shit in the league but god forbid a black hockey player breathes and he’s already too cocky and deserves to be shanked…

matelote replied to your post: matelote replied to your post “so for…

i love that one!!! i actually bought an “i like ike” pin from an antique store bc of it

i love it too! it gets stuck in my head when i watch it lol